7 Sexual Fetishes You May Actually Like

Are you sexually aroused by a situation or physical object? If so, you may have a fetish. And although some people may be embarrassed to admit they have one, it should be incorporated into a healthy sexual relationship. Take Bronies for example, if you started dating one, you may have to dress up as a My Little Pony character but isn’t it all worth it in the name of love? Okay, maybe the Bronie thing isn’t for you bust just in case you’re searching for a new one, here is a list of fun fetishes we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Makeup & Hairstyles

Applying some bright red lipstick, dark eyeshadow and a creating a funky hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to change your look. The idea is to create a look that’s dramatically different from your everyday appearance.


Lots of couples are into bondage. It can be as simple as getting some silk scarves and tying your partner’s hands to the headboard, or if you want to get really hardcore you can break out the handcuffs. Don’t forget the safe word.

Role Playing

Try meeting at a bar at different times and assign one another different roles to play. You can decide who will try to hit on whom or you can make the whole thing one big surprise.


This fetish can get out of control quickly. First, the woman gets a couple more earrings on each ear, then she gets a belly ring and before you know it she has a tongue ring with a matching clitoris ring.

Leather & Latex

It’s easy to see why people develop a fetish for leather, latex, vinyl, rubber and pretty much any other material that’s shiny and skin tight.


There’s nothing like the thrill of getting caught. Of course, you don’t want to get arrested over a fetish either. That’s why it’s so much fun to have sex in a car with slightly tinted windows while parked at a walmart, but not in the middle of the street..


CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. The woman gets dressed up, usually in sexy stilettos and a short skirt, while the man is totally naked. During CFNM play, it’s the man who is the submissive one and the woman calls all the shots.