Top 5 Reasons That Hotel Sex Is Good

There are tons of couples who haven’t experienced making love or simply getting it on in a hotel room. They feel that it is cheesy or sleazy, but if you pick the perfect hotel those two feelings won’t be a factor. It is okay to want to change your sex scenery once in away and getting a room for you and your partner to have fun in is a great way to do so. Experimentation in sex is what it is all about.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons That Hotel Sex Is Good:

1. New Surroundings: When entering the hotel room you will automatically be experiencing new surroundings. You have an all new playground to have fun it. You could start off on the bed, move over to the seat, then off to on top of the desk, etc. Think about it this way, “Where are we going to do it next?” the shower, bathroom counter, or the jacuzzi tub. Have fun with the room!

2. There Are No Distractions: When you are in the hotel room you don’t have to worry about your house phone going off or the neighbors knocking on your door. You have absolutely no distractions. At home people tend to think about the laundry or what needs to be cleaned next. This way at a hotel you don’t have to think about any of those things. To ensure that you get no disturbances you can hang that sign on the door to let the hotel staff know not to disturb you.

3. Get Loud If You Want: You know have the freedom to get as loud as you want. No worries about your kids, parents, or neighbors hearing you. There is no need to feel embarrassed or worried about other hotel members hearing you. Most likely they are doing their own thing too.

4. Room Service: Isn’t great that you can get down to business and not even half to get fully dressed to run out to get something to eat. You can throw on a bathrobe, order food and have it delivered directly to your room.

5. Housekeeping/Cleaning Service: How great is it that you don’t even have to fix the bed after you are done having fun. Just do what you want in the room and leave it the way it is for someone else to clean up after you. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the hotel room looking like a full on porn sex set or as if a tornado of sex kittens just passed on through.

If you haven’t had hotel sex, then by all means try it out. You have nothing to lose, but you do have a lot to gain. Go on with your bad self and experiment with wild sex in a hotel room.