November 28, 2019


Do you know how difficult it is to be a woman released on social media today? Let me tell you a secret: it sure isn’t easy.

I, like almost everyone on this planet with Internet access, have an Instagram account. Well, I may or may not be in my fourth account. Of course, you may not have experience banning one of the most popular social networking sites online, but surely. And also many cam girls, sex workers and, in general, sexually liberated women. As much as I love Instagram, I grew up hating its outdated censorship policies.

I’m Chrissy Kay, and my love and hate relationship with Instagram inspired me to create my platform. Confused? Well, let me explain.

I am millennial And like most millennials, I was born and raised online. Sure, I played outside, and I wasn’t one of those kids who received an iPhone X directly from the womb, but it would be almost an understatement to say that the Internet practically raised me. I grew a lot online and also most of the people I grew up with. We share a lot with the Internet, but for some reason, social networks like to mark the line on the nipples. Correction, female nipples.

Instagram is one of these social media platforms that likes to try to prevent sexual content from leaking into its users’ feeds. And they are starting to do a very good job on that. I’ve been kicked out of Insta for my nipples, my ass and a little under my tits!

As much as I loved Insta with all my heart, I had forgotten what kind of photos I could publish. Where would I go? Tumblr recently banned nudity in their blogs and articles, both photographs, and illustrations, but more specifically “female nipples.”

I don’t know about you, but for sites that are supposed to celebrate their users by sharing their lives on their platforms, they are quite against releasing the nipple. And I’m not wrong with that. I wanted a place like Instagram where my nipples were not banned, slapped or censored, or it was something else to celebrate!

I wanted to create a platform where similarly sexually liberated women, and the people who love us, could be our complete and uncensored beings.

Then, instead of admitting defeat, I went ahead as the feminist I am and decided to take matters into my own hands. I was lucky to be in college when I had this idea. So, I decided to enroll in some programming classes where I discovered the basics and some not-so-basic skills.

A few months later I had the first version of NearMeGirls written!

In NearMeGirls you don’t have to worry about the proverbial man closing it by posting his “female presentation nipples” or anything else that is probably shot down instantly on Instagram or another social media site.

Share what you want and enjoy!