10 Sex Don’ts Everyone Should Know

There are always those little things that really gets you going. Everyone is into different things when it comes to exploring and having fun in the bedroom; which is great. Being different and having your own thing is what makes sex so fun and interesting when you experience it with someone else. You are able to share what you like and vice versa, but there are some things that are a huge turn off and shouldn’t be done while you are having sex.

Here are the 10 Sex Don’ts Everyone Should Know:

1. Don’t Call Out Someone Else’s Name: No one should be calling out an ex or someone else’s name while they are doing the deed with their current partner. It’s not cool and it will definitely kill the moment and of course an argument will occur.

2. Don’t Fake It: If you are not experiencing an orgasm, then don’t pretend that you are. If you do this most likely you will never get to experience an orgasm because you are not getting what you need to achieve it.

3. Don’t Be Completely Silent: You don’t have to moan or talk dirty every moment of the sex session, but letting your partner know that they are doing a good job throughout the sex is always a good thing.

4. Don’t Make Your Partner Bleed: Being rough is exciting and very arousing, but don’t let it get to the point that one of you are bleeding or gets injured. If that happens the fun time will definitely end.

5. Don’t Forget To Make Out: When people are intimate they enjoy kissing and making out; unless it’s a one night stand this doesn’t count. When you kiss your partner you are connecting on a different, more intimate level.

6. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone: While you are doing the deed don’t you dare answer the phone or text a reply. If your phone goes off just simply ignore it till after you are done doing your thing.

7. Don’t Change Positions Constantly: While changing positions during sex is great there are some people who take advantage of this. They change positions every minute which isn’t exciting because people like to enjoy the position they are participating in for at least a couple of minutes.

8. Don’t Lie About What You Like: If you are not feeling what your partner is doing let them know. Don’t make the mistake of faking it and pretending you are enjoying it because you are only hurting yourself in the long run. Your partner is going to keep doing what they are doing wrong, because you gave them the impression that it felt good.

9. Don’t Get Up Immediately & Leave: Once you are done getting it on don’t get up immediately and leave. That is just rude and this action tells your partner that you were only interested in getting it on and nothing else.

10. Don’t Act Odd or Awkward: For some reason some people begin acting a bit or awkward after they have become intimate with someone. If something is going on you need to express it and whatever you do don’t keep it all in.