What Makes a Man Attractive: How to Turn Women On

What Women Really Want!

So many guys are worried about things like hair loss, belly fat, even calf size! What’s funny to me is that’s not at all what makes a man attractive to a woman- unless she’s ultra shallow. After hundreds of discussions over the years with numerous women I can definitely conclude what makes a man attractive to women- and it’s not what men think!

Guys, Get out of Your Own Way!

Men are visual people and cannot seem to step outside themselves long enough to realize that looks are not nearly as important to women. As a matter of fact, women are more pre occupied with their own looks- and the looks of other women- than a man’s looks. Now, a dumpy, disheveled looking person looks good to no one- not even a hobo-but the fact that you may not resemble a GQ model will not affect your chances with women!

A lot of men also think the money makes a man attractive. Well, guess what- if the man is a rich jerk- only a fool or gold digger will stick with him. But at the same time, no one, man or woman, wants to deal with someone who is always crying poor. A happy medium is ideal. So, really turns women on?

1- The Guy’s got Focus: Focus equals passion. There is something very masculine about focus. When a man is really honed in on a task- it’s a huge turn on to women! Why? Because in nature, focus meant feast. Envision the hunter, sitting alone- still and quiet- in the woods all day- waiting, alert, and FOCUSED on making a kill. It is what a man is supposed to do. Be focused. The fool who fidgets will starve. The dope who dozes will lose his prey. The man on a mission will feast! Every woman wants a man on a mission. Anything else is deemed feminine or foolish!

2-A Man can Man-age: some dudes just can’t get their act together. They might run up debt, neglect to pay bills, or buy into every get-rich-quick scheme that comes their way. Big turn-off! Women want a man who can pay their bills, manage their money sensibly, and have good credit. Strangely, you don’t need to make a lot of money to achieve this. You just need some common sense and responsibility- which are really hot and bring me to the next attractive trait.

3-Brains over Braun: Take any woman and she’ll pick the brainiac over the muscle-bound ding dong every time unless she is really dumb herself. A smart man will make good decisions and maintains good relationships because he has good social skills- which is a big part of intelligence. Also, a smart man keeps company with wise folks! The foolish man surrounds himself with idiots in order to feel superior. It’s the old “king among bums, wise man among fools” idea. Smart people- regardless of gender- never want to deal with idiots. Therefore, a smart woman who wants the best for herself will always choose a smart man.

4- Save Your Money. Not to spend it on the first lady that does you right, save it for when you need it so there’s no need to panic. Money in the bank is peace of mind. It’s not marked to be spent. Money in the bank will bring you cool confidence regardless of whether it is $100 or a million bucks! Having money in the bank is a sign of discipline. Once you’ve got the money safely away, you will only want to increase the amount, giving you more freedom and power. Save your money, the nookie will follow no matter the dollar amount because your confidence will shine through. A dude who lives paycheck to paycheck and carries all his cash with him…uhhh…not so much!

5- Accomplishments: a smart, successful man must be accomplished. It doesn’t matter in what forum or how. A man that gets lots of tail must be accomplished in his own right. Maybe you fixed up your house on your own, perhaps you started a small side business, or maybe you did a heck of a job restoring that classic car- whatever! Any accomplishment is impressive no matter how big or small you think it is- ladies take notice!

6- Character: What builds character? Experience! So if you want top shelf ladies get out there in the world and discover! Staying in the one horse town you grew up in makes you a “townie”. And townies are not worldly. Travel- even if it’s not far. Getting out and exploring the world will make you a more interesting, and intelligent man. This is easier to accomplish when you are young and have nothing to lose. There is plenty of work in Alaska for a young man, even if you work for a year it’s still an experience that will shape your character. Maybe travel over seas- it’s easy when you’re young because you can “rough it” without too much discomfort. Do it before you decide to settle into career and family.

7- Wisdom: Wise men are hot.Benjamin Franklin and King Solomon are only two of history’s wise men who had women falling at their feet, and it definitely had nothing to do with looks. Beyond their wealth- these men were wise. Wise men make good decisions and know what’s really important because they THINK and LISTEN! They take moments of silence and reflect- that is a part of becoming wise- just taking the time to think. Lots of men just run off their central nervous system and take no time to reflect. Remember, wise men are hot, wise women are unfortunately frequently seen as “witchy”.

8- Confidence: confidence is like respect, it has to be earned. It must be earned through accomplishments, self discovery, wisdom and money in the bank.

In conclusion, not once have I heard of a woman turning a man down because he is bald, slightly overweight, or she didn’t like his face. It’s always something to do with the fact that he is not responsible, a liar, a selfish jerk, an idiot, or some negative character trait.

It is not the look that makes the man- it is the Character– the Man- that really turn the women on! So, get out there! Learn something, think and reflect, find a passion, and save your money! Follow these steps and the world of beautiful women will be yours! Trust me- we are all looking for a man like you!