Top 5 Reasons to Date an Older Woman

Dating an older woman can be daunting for a first-timer. As open-minded as you think you are, concerns about your friend’s and family’s opinions, or glances from people in public, and trepidation over why she’s still single will naturally arise. However, if you find the right older woman, these fears, and others, should disappear once you realize the benefits of her life experience.

Reasons To Date An Older Woman

1. Bedroom Expertise
Remember your first time? A lot of awkward fumbling that was more than likely even embarrassing? Well the funny thing about experience is, the more you have of it, the better you are at something. Same goes for sex. Older women aren’t shy, they know how to be discreet, they know what they want and, chances are, they know a lot more about what youwant. Never underestimate the power of the ‘been there, hit that.’

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2. Experience Outside the Bedroom
Life isn’t all about sex. The right older woman has traveled, dined, patronized the arts, and cultivated her mind more than her younger counterparts. You can learn from her wealth of knowledge. She will show you a whole new world of interests, hobbies, book smarts and appreciation for the finer things, which you never knew existed.

3. Been There, Played That
By dating an older woman there’s a better chance you won’t have to play the tiring, boring and maddening games which girls your own age play. She won’t stalk your ex on Facebook, she’s mature enough not to flirt shamelessly with your best friend just to enrage you, and she won’t tell you she’s pregnant when she isn’t.

4. Kids Aren’t an Issue
If MILFs are your thing, dating an older Mom will ensure that you get more of her time and energy. If the idea of a woman with kids is a huge turnoff, an older woman who doesn’t have children likely won’t be having any.

5. Freedom

An older woman will have a life outside of you. Younger girls are needy and clingy. An older, single woman has had to forge for herself at some point, which means she’s built her own life and won’t need your constant attention to keep her happy. This leaves you open to live your own life. You’ll be able to go places alone, and have experiences that just wouldn’t have been the same with a whiny girlfriend on your arm.