Dildos: Why Your Ass Will Love Glass

Imagine the perfect penis. It’s firm, stiff, and perfectly formed to your satisfaction. It’s always clean, is never too warm or cold, and did I mention- it stays hard.

If you are still imagining, you probably haven’t tried a glass dildo. But we’ve already have written about glass dildos on nearmegirls.com post , so this is not another article on these perfect fake cocks. No, this article is about the ultimate pleasure of using them in your ass.

Anal probes will cause your ass to stay open, helping who or whatever is in your pussy not have to work as hard to get you off. These toys are not for fucking, rather they are for keeping your tightest hole open. They are great for warming up to anal sex, and if you’ve always dreamt about double penetration but didn’t have two cocks to work with, they are the solution.

Benefits of Glass

Glass is easy to clean and hard to get dirty. This is super important when you are thinking about sticking anything in your ass. If you can’t lick it clean and feel comfortable that it is, you probably shouldn’t stick it in there. This is why fingers and cocks are great for going in the ass- most of us know how to make sure they are clean.

You can have that same confidence with glass. Wash it in some soapy water, drop it in boiling water to sanitize it, or even use some disinfectant cleaner. If you are one of those people who need to be certain it’s clean, glass is it. And frankly, doesn’t your ass deserve that?

Cool Off Your Hot Ass or ….

One of the best things about glass is that it can get hot or cold. This is definitely also one of its benefits that you should try for anal pleasure. Put you glass in the freezer and then slowly insert it into your ass. Your body will immediately respond and tighten around the cold firm toy. And we all know what happens when muscles down there tighten!

You may start to feel the urge to push it out of your ass. That’s the fun part. Hold it in. Tighten your muscles around it. The tighter you squeeze, the warmer it will get. The beauty of this is that tightening those muscles will also make your tighten your kegel. From that point all it takes it a little stimulation and you are likely to explode.

You can also warm you toy to help relax the muscles. This is great if you are new to anal, and want to ‘warm up to it’

Work in Pairs

Glass anal probes work best when you also have something stimulating the vagina. So pair it with a flexible dildo or a real man to experience the over the top stimulation of double penetration. When doing this, it is best to lie on your back having one hand holding the probe into your ass, while the other hand focuses on the vagina.

Oral sex is also an effective pair with anal play. Just remember, when it starts to feel really good it is easy to get carried away, so take it easy the first time, for you asshole’s sake.