15 Different Types Of Penises: Tips for Better Sex

If you want to increase your sexual experience with a partner, start by identifying your penis type. There are many types and they require different types of stimulation. In this guide, I will show you the main types of penises like the penis.

There is not a single opinion on how many types of penis there are. Most experts reduce it to 14, which is the number I’m going to go with. Also, I discovered that this classification is constant for me over the years, so I hope that these different types of penis are also true for their fuck buddies.

15 Different Types Of Penises: Tips for Better Sex

Circumcised penises
The foreskin of the penis has been removed during childhood, so this type is often compared to a peeled banana. It is the most common type of penis: in the United States, most men have this type of penis.

Anatomically speaking, they are different from other types in the absence of the foreskin. The foreskin, in turn, is covered with nerves, and the circumcised, therefore, are not. The disadvantage is that they are less sensitive. However, because most men belong to this group, you rarely felt the fight.

Sexual advice
Use harder positions and previous games to increase stimulation. You can also improve the effects of talking dirty. For a stronger effect, try BDSM and role-playing.

They are different from other types in the absence of the foreskin

Uncircumcised penises
These penises have an additional level of the skin, exactly the layer that is “detached” from the uncircumcised. This type is more sensitive because the foreskin has additional nerves and reacts better to stimuli.

However, there are also drawbacks: it is more difficult to clean because dirt and bacteria get stuck more easily.

Sexual advice
During sexual intercourse, girls can use the foreskin in their favor, sending messages to the covered area to wake up the neural connections. However, the head area is very sensitive, which makes such men less fit for hard sex. If you twist your skin too hard, it can be painful.

Girls can use the foreskin in their favor

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This is a special type because such penises are extremely dynamic. When a boy gets excited, the penis grows a lot in size. When flaccid, the size returns to normal dimensions.

Producers can be circumcised or uncircumcised; This type does not affect others. Most men are producers, which means that their penises grow a lot when they become more difficult. This has many advantages during sex: it is easier to reach orgasm and the penetration is much deeper.

Sexual advice
Use previous games and positions that involve previous masturbation: it’s great if a guy can see you exploring to excite you more. Once both are stimulated, let it penetrate you. Use lubricant: producers can expand a lot in size, and you should prepare your body for this.

Such penises are extremely dynamic: when a boy gets excited, he grows a lot in size

This type is the opposite of producers because a penis remains relatively the same regardless of whether it is flaccid or excited. That does not mean that there is no change in size, but it is much less visible.

Showers have a great advantage: such penises are generally large even in a neutral state. Unlike producers, who need time and encouragement to show their full potential, producers are ready to begin. This makes sex much better because you don’t have to try to excite your partner so much.

The showers provide less space for the experiment but are larger in a flaccid state

Sexual advice
Don’t waste too much time on previous games and dirty conversations. Men with this type of penis are often people of action: they prefer intense penetration rather than weak preparation. Get it and do it fast. You can even experiment with hard sex and BDSM.

A penis remains relatively the same regardless of whether it is flaccid or excited.

Curved penises
During an erection, penises may change in size, but you may not realize that some men also experience the change in shape. When the penis wakes up, it tends to bend to the left or right side. It gives women space for experiments: such men may reach erogenous zones that are not available to other couples and may be useful when hitting a G-spot.

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Sexual advice
To make the most of the situation, ask your partner about the patterns of these changes: which side is curved and when it usually happens. Then, you can adjust your sexual experiments accordingly.

Tends to bend to the left or right side

Small penises
To be clear, we are not talking about “meh” sizes, but about a medical definition, which, in real life, would translate to an extra small size. For a doctor to consider it small, a penis must be twice as short as an average length. It also has an unflattering micropenis name. You will know one when you see it.

Sexual advice
For your sex work to work, you must be close to your partner and choose positions that allow you to reach the correct angle. Here, your enjoyment will derive not so much from the depth of the penetration as from the precision.

If you know your best places, tell your partner, so you don’t have to work hard to find them. In general, you can make different types of human penis work, if you know their limitations and opportunities.

You will know one when you see it

Big penises
A medical definition of a large penis is one that measures more than seven inches during erection. And although for most women, it may seem like an advantage, in reality, you will face a great challenge. Even a seemingly innocent position will become a deep penetration, and your body may not always be ready for such a hard mode.

Sexual advice
To make it work, be sure to use many lubricants and avoid difficult sexual positions. Also, keep in mind that finding and hitting a G-spot can also be quite challenging because it is harder to get around something so big.

Even a seemingly innocent position will become a deep insight.

Penises with surprise
Some penises have sudden on and off modes. You can be in the middle of sex, and your partner will seem quite excited, but suddenly his penis will skyrocket. Not a word of warning. The worst part is that the boys probably won’t let you know that this is happening, and you’ll wonder what went wrong.

Sexual advice
If you drop a penis, don’t worry about not giving up your share. It’s not your problem, nor is it inside your partner’s head, so don’t blame him either. It is a physiological quality of your penis that you cannot control so easily. Instead, switch to other forms of stimulation: let it massage your breasts, use your fingers for vaginal penetration or pinch your nipples.

You may be in the middle of sex, but suddenly your penis will skyrocket

Penises with a high emotional response.
Men with such penises are likely to be affected by the slightest anguish: worry, stress, shame, pressure. Those guys need to feel strongly towards you to get aroused, but if something goes wrong, they will shut down just as quickly. It is not the same as the previous case: because in this case, the problem is directly related to the emotional response of the couple.

Sexual advice
To handle a couple with a peculiar penis, you must communicate. Most of the time, men will be ashamed because of confusion or shame: they should talk and show that there is nothing to worry about. Dropping blows may not be enough; You must provide great peace of mind.

These penises are affected by the slightest anguish: worry, stress, shame, pressure.

Smooth penises
The surface of some penises is softer than that of others, and although some do not find it rough enough, everyone agrees that this is the best type of oral sex. Besides, there is less risk of breaking a condom, which is an advantage.

Sexual advice
If you have a partner who has a soft penis, use it to your advantage and do oral sex. To increase the effects during vaginal or anal penetration, use penis rings to add additional friction.

Everyone agrees that this is the best type for oral sex

Penises with visible veins.
When this type of penis wakes up, you will know not only because of the size changes but also because of the appearance of the veins. Not only do blood vessels become evident, but they also enlarge to the point of being easily palpable. You may be able to feel them even during sex itself. For some women, it is a distraction, while others find it more stimulating.

Sexual advice
Having a venous penis provides an advantage for hard sex because rough veins increase friction and add texture to penetration. Even if you thought it might not be pretty, you are likely to change your mind once you do.

For some women, it is a distraction, while others find it more stimulating.

Penises with a dark tone
The penises are not necessarily the same color as the rest of the skin. For some, there is more melanin in penile cells than in other tissues. It is a perfectly good situation, do not confuse it with any disease.

Sexual advice
The good news is that color has no impact on penile function. It will be as exciting as one of the normal colors. The smartest thing you can do is avoid getting attention and enjoy the trip.

The good news is that color has no impact on penile function.

Freckled penises
Some penises have birthmarks, and it’s perfectly fine. The funniest thing is that it is not related to the number of birthmarks that a person has elsewhere. It can happen as a random event, and as with a color, it does not affect the functions of the penis.

Sexual advice
In some cases, birthmarks may be signs of skin cancer; You should discuss it with the couple to rule out the possibility. If you just met the boy, let him go, he would look anyway. But if you noticed a new birthmark in your usual partner, you better check it out.

It is not related to the number of birthmarks that a person has elsewhere

Hairy penises
Some prefer to leave natural hair, while others have no sense taking care of it because it grows back quickly. However, don’t be too critical of pubic hair: it keeps bacteria out of the vagina during sexual intercourse and contains pheromones that attract couples.

Therefore, it has its advantages and can even increase your sexual desire. Also, there are different types of male hairy penis, and some may be too rough without a suitable lubricant, so do not skip the preparation.

Sexual advice
Discuss genital hygiene before taking action. If you are a stranger, I suggest sex in the shower, they can even soap, just in case. Condoms are essential, of course, this is definitely the safest way to avoid infections. Also, insist on lubrication, if you do not want to feel discomfort in the process.

Pubic hair keeps bacteria out of the vagina and contains pheromones that attract couples.

Shaved penises
While some men prefer to remain completely natural, others want to get rid of their hair forever. This is normal: a penis will be more sensitive and more pleasant to the touch.

There are drawbacks: such penises are more affected by a bacterial infection because there is no hair that generally performs a protective function.

Sexual advice
Such penises are perfect for oral sex and can easily provide deep penetration with little or no need for lubrication. The chances of injury are minimal, so you can experiment with deeper positions.

A penis is more sensitive and more pleasant to the touch.

Frequently asked questions
What kind of penis do women like?
The favorite type is usually the grower. Most women like penises that have impressive dimensions, even if they are flaccid but still offer pleasant surprises in an excited state. In addition, many girls enjoy seeing their partner’s reactions to them, which leads to greater excitement.

What is the most common type of penis?
In terms of skin, the most common type of penis is circumcised: the foreskin is removed during childhood. In terms of size, the most common is an average size: micro and macro variations are exceptions. Growers, penises that grow most during erection, are more common than showers, which maintain large dimensions even in a flaccid state.

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