Sexting tips for fuck buddies

How the sexting with fuck friend?

Have a dish with which sex is very good. I fuck her that she loves and she gives me many comments when we’re together.

Just to add some context here, I actually have another dish, so I’m not remotely desperate in any way. However, the question of sex is actually more important to me than sex: in general, I have become a bit indifferent to sex itself, but a girl who speaks to me dirty still helps me.

We mainly see her on weekends and see each other to fuck. However, I have noticed that when I write text messages during the week and write text messages with her, I usually receive short answers, she doesn’t try too hard to keep dirty conversations and it’s always me who starts sexting.

I know that she is undoubtedly really interested in sex, so I’m missing something here, I’m not sure why the level of enthusiasm is not kept out of our meeting in person?

Any general advice on sexting with girls and important points to get them / keep them in a good mood?

Think about what you want to do. What makes your heart speed up when you think about it. What part of your anatomy makes you more difficult than reading Aramaic with a gun in the head and a knife in the nuts?

Sexting tips for fuck buddies

Write it.

You can try the honest approach:

“Dear, I just received the picture of your new garter belt and, frankly, when I get home, I will put you in a coma. I will make you come so strong that the next few hours will be obscured. Memory and you will be numb for days. I will make you mine. “

The desperate romantic approach:

“My love, the idea of ​​being away from you all day is tearing me apart. I can’t wait to go home, hug you and bury myself inside you and be with you again. I love you and I long for your touch.”

This is like asking how you flirt, and it’s sad, but I’ll bite.

My characteristic sexting movements are:

First, do not fall into the trap of immediate response, even when things are intense. It is a previous game for real sex, not cybersex on a smartphone.

Tell him the things he likes about his body in an increasingly cheesy/vulgar way than he could reasonably achieve by speaking. The purpose of this is to make him talk dirty so he feels more comfortable with it live later.

Ask before you start. He could be with the family or at work when he opens his dirty texts that can be uncomfortable.

Face images are always hotter.

Don’t be afraid to filter the crap out of your photos. Black and white are sexy, but I like to raise the darkness because it makes everything more dramatic while showing how excited you are.

The videos with sound are very funny

Fantasy trading. The girls love all that “Can I tell you a secret?” shit. Climb carefully. BDSM scenarios are for experienced sexters. Start with something easy like hitting it on the kitchen counter and go from there. The purpose of this is to make her open on his so you can do it later.

Drag everything to be a colossal provocation. Use many ellipses so that you are constantly waiting for the next line. Occasionally, drop a particularly juicy line for a while before completing it.

Push to meet at some point to have real sex. Otherwise, why bother?

Rules for sexting with fuck buddy:

There are no unsolicited photos of Dick.

Always maintain the integrity of sexting. Do not show/show off to friends.

Know that whoever sends images/videos will probably violate rule # 2.

Comment on sexy immediately. There is nothing worse than sending someone a photo/video of you at their most vulnerable moment and having to wait an hour to receive an answer.

Sexting is the art of telling an erotic story through photos/videos. No (always) skip to the final chapter.

If someone sends you a picture of himself half-naked, he shows gratitude, regardless of the quality of the image (and if requested).

Avoid responding with things like “Wow!”, “That’s great!”, “Sexy” or something generic like that. Be specific about what you like about the photo/video.

Be specific about what you want to see. 9/10 the person who sends the photos/videos wants to please you visually and as a physical precursor. Tell them what you want to see.

Make it a game. Have them perform tasks. The more daring/daring, the better.

Do not be greedy or demanding. It’s crap to send nudes and then ask for more and more and more.

Correspond. If a woman sends you a sexy and then asks for one in return, don’t be that guy. Even if you are shy or unhappy with your body, she showed you his. Show him yours (if she asks).

And most importantly … sexting is not just about photos and videos. It is about sexual arousal and intimacy. Send a message like “I can’t stop thinking about licking your body and feeling your climax in my mouth.” Or similar. After all … sexting is phone sex … with text messages.

Most men tend to be super cringe when it comes to sex women. Or even sexualizing interactions. Here are some important tips when it comes to sexting:

Tip # 1 – Use proper grammar and spelling!

Sexting is much more effective with proper grammar and correct spelling …

Tip # 2 – Be descriptive!

Write a story as if you had copied a piece of an erotic …

Tip # 3 – Calibrate

A little awareness goes a long way.

Tip # 4 – Time!

Do not take too long to respond!

Tip # 5 – Do not use the word “Violation”

The use of “rape” in sexting should not be used. It never works Leave “rape” and “kidnapping”, etc.

Tip # 6 – Use your voice!

You can really use voice messages to your advantage.

Tip # 7: Send a text message when you are free!

Send her a message when you can meet her!

The questions are a good starting point, but don’t be a deadweight sexting partner who only asks questions and makes the other person do all the work.

Start by talking about the last time you had sex or a particularly hot memory.

And don’t skimp on the details!

Ease in it. Sexting also needs previous games.

Take all necessary precautions to send ~ nudez ~.

And never send unsolicited nudes!

Use Boomerang to make sexy GIFs as a break from photos or videos.

Or send voice memos, on WhatsApp, for example, since it can be more intimate to hear the voices of others.

Try replacing “want” with “need.”

The direct approach:

“Honey, I can’t wait to rip your clothes off when I get home and have that beautiful ass of yours in my hands and put my tongue in that delicious clit of yours.”

Be descriptive, take out a thesaurus if necessary. Use words that fill the mind with images and fantasies.

Take your time, don’t always respond automatically. Let it cook a little while waiting for your response. There is nothing better than receiving a super hot message, waiting an hour or two to respond. Hopefully, you’re on your way to a meeting or doing something that requires your full attention just to hear the notification of your text message.

She will open it with a small dirty smile without knowing if you are going to continue playing or move on. She gets excited, opens the texts and reads the deplorable and frankly criminal things that you want to do to her body that would be thrown at the Supreme Court for violating her constitutional rights and losing her shit.

At first, it is a bit strange, but once you master it, you will get E.L. It seems that James wrote a book by Amelia Bedilia.

Good luck, stay safe and have fun.

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