Good ways to spice up sex with your partner

Has your sex life fallen into a routine?

If so, do not despair. With the right tricks and strategies, you will have the best sex of your life again. For this reason, let’s take a look at five of the best ways to bring your sex life to life and bring fun to your room.

Good ways to spice up sex with your partner

Buy toys
Do you want it to be smoking in the bedroom? It’s time to invest in some toys. Studies show that consumers who play with gadgets have more fun in their sex life.

Keep in mind that you don’t just want to buy toys for yourself. Both partners must find a toy that works for them. Not only does this give your room a bit of flavor, but it also helps both of you have excellent sex, even when you’re not in the mood.

Role-playing game
Part of the reason why your sex life has become boring is that you have sex with the same person over and over again. For this reason, consider role-play. Roleplay offers you and your spouse a way to adopt different identities and live unrealized fantasies.

This can help them separate from their traditional routine and start bringing some of that passion into their love life.

The beauty of the role play is that it has a great possibility. With the right costumes and attitude, you and your partner can be what you want.

Invite someone else
You may discover that inviting a guest is the best way to revitalize your love life. Of course, the idea of ​​a trio is delicate, so make sure you mention it delicately with your partner. Even if the idea requires a bit of persuasion, you and your partner may end up loving having an extra set of hands (and parts) in the bedroom.

With the right trio, you and your partner can get out of your traditional routines and live some of your deepest fantasies. Also, threesomes give couples great variability. While it’s good for all three to join in the fun, some couples find it just as exciting to see their partner have sex with another person. In the end, the decision is the best option for you and your partner.

However, be careful to make sure you choose someone you trust and someone with whom you and your partner feel comfortable. This point is key to having a good time. With the wrong person, you could end up hurting your love life, so make sure you keep this in mind.

Create a sexy playlist with your local fuck buddy
Sometimes you don’t need to do everything possible to fix your love life. The remedy for boring sex is often right under our noses. For this reason, consider creating a sexy playlist. If you have never had sex with music before, you may find the experience stimulating, and your partner will probably feel the same.

When you build your playlist, be sure to load it with songs that both you and your partner can launch. Try adding variety too. While the slow pieces are nice and can help you get in the mood, you might want something more energetic for when things get wild.

Sex toy store worker here. Many good suggestions here. I thought I would bring some of my toys and favorite things by brand, so I can buy good quality stuff and not be fooled by buying a $ 200 vibrator when a $ 106 one would:

For secret game: Sensuelle Vibrating Panties, WeVibe Jive

Cockrings: Sensuelle Double Trouble Vibrating Cockring, PerfectFit Non-Vibrating Stack Sounds with Silaskin

Toys to use on a penis: Penthouse CyberSkin Double Stroker, Doc Johnson Main Squeeze

Toys for use in the clitoris or vagina: OVO SilkSkyn version E8 vibrator, Sensuelle Bobbie, Satisfyer Pro 2, Palm Power rechargeable wand, Glas Double Trouble Purple Dildo, OVO petite love balls Kegel balls

BDSM equipment: Under-bed sports sheets, 4-point clamping system, Sports sheets, 5-piece Hogtie system, Pipedream Silicone Spade Crop, Sex, and Mischief Red Rope Flogger, any ole bandage

Consumables: Evil flavored lubricants (my favorite is peach), ultra clitoral excitation gel, Kama Sutra Aromatics massage oil (my favorite is sweet almond), Kama Sutra Ignite massage candles, Wicked Foam n Fresh Foaming foam cleanser Toy, fleshlight renovating powder (for strokers only)

Things other than sex toys: “Creme” alcoholic whipped cream, a designated set of intimate sheets (playing with food can be messy), a comfortable pair of panties to play in secret (the ones in the box usually stink), music

My best wishes to you and your partner to find new fun techniques!

Hi guys, husband (30m) and I (30f) have fallen into a sexual routine. We had a father who moved with us because of his finances (we are happy to have them and we need to help them), but he is killing our sex life.

We are quite vanilla: we have played with toys, but we have actually got rid of them after a while because we never use them. Our sex used to be so exciting and great, but now it feels like a routine and trying not to be loud.

We try to make trips and hotels, but in the best case it is once every two weeks due to labor and domestic obligations. I feel that my husband is losing interest in me sexually as he becomes less and less frequent: sometimes it softens during sex and sometimes it is also boring for me.

Any advice and ideas?

Buy something sexy. And surprise him with that.

Send a random message.

A random BJ.

Invite him to shower with you.

Come behind him, reach out and grab his trash and whisper something sexy in his ear.

Develop sexual tension throughout the day.

Boys like sexual surprises.

Also, I will also recommend this idea: March of the Mouth …

Another possible solution could be to wake him up with a blowjob every morning for a month. March of the mouth? 🙂 That would be a zero effort for him, so he is not likely to be rejected. That would accustom him to sexual interaction at a specific time, and after the end of the month, he can find a solid cock to ride every morning;)

Things I would distrust:

Keep time-limited. Set an alarm so that, for example, it is exactly ten minutes for oral action every morning.

Try not to make it come. Look for edges.

my dream is very important to me; Make sure you don’t feel you are missing out there. Try to wake him with your mouth for a month.

there is no action for you during the mornings of that month: it is about him. Remove all the pressure on your needs and see where it leads.

No expectation of reciprocity. I should not feel any pressure at all. Just let him enjoy it.

And that last point should include not asking for sex. Take care of yourself during the month when you are not around.

If that does not change your life, I will be surprised but I will be very interested to know what happened.

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