Games To Play With Your Fuckbuddy

If you are going to have boring sex, what’s the point in visiting a meet-and-fuck site? Is your sex life getting stale? Fun and competition are the best ways to bring some excitement back to your bedroom. You can always try out sex games. A fuckbuddy can be a great person to have fun with, as there are no strings attached. Research shows that people who are open to trying new things in their bedroom have more fulfilling sex lives. A game can also help you to break the ice with someone you met via a meet and chat app. You will be able to discover new roles, new roleplaying ideas and new ways to touch your partner through games. It’s almost as if you are getting a crash course in how to be insanely good with sex.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to mention sex games when you’re at the meet and fuck website before you actually meet in person. This will create excitement and tension at the meet-up, and may even lead to sexy messages exchanges before you meet your fuckbuddy. You can also propose to your fuckbuddy by texting and seeing how they respond.

Okay, let’s move on to the best sex games for fuckbuddies.

Sex Dice

You can buy sex dice in any local sex shop. You should know that sex dice look just like real dice. Instead of numbers represented by dots, there are verbs and body parts. Roll the dice to find out what you can do to which body part. Sex dice can lead to some intense foreplay, and you may end up throwing the dice away and opting for the deep dive.

Naked Twister

It’s time to get out that old Twister game you’ve been saving in the basement. Naked Twister is for the snarky couple of fuckbuddies. This game is a variation of regular Twister, except that you are naked. You can probably guess the rules by its name. You’ll be exposed to parts of your fuckbuddy’s body you didn’t know existed. You can make it even more challenging by not getting aroused when your bodies touch in new places. Who will win?


There are many games you can play with a blindfold, but we love the one that asks your partner to guess which object you are touching. You can source feathers, edible oil, wax, and any other substance that will feel good on your naked body. Blindfold your fuckbuddy and yourself, and have them guess what object they are touching.

You’re probably even more horny now. Get your game on, invite your fuckbuddy, and let’s have some fun!