7 Best places to meet women

What is one of the only things that single men have in mind? Don’t be dirty, this is not a crude or misleading question. What they think is where and how to meet girls. Regardless of your intention, be it a one-night adventure, an adventure or something serious, the first step in getting to a place with a girl is to meet them. Being single is not much fun if you are ready to enter the dating game, so our article today is meant to boost your dating life so you can fuck girls for free. So what are we here to talk to you about? Today, we will tell all of you to single the six best places to meet girls.

7 Best places to meet women

7 places to meet women who are not bars and clubs
We all know that bars and especially clubs can become a drag. Here is the list:

Bookstores: an easy and relaxed environment where most women hang out and give you an easy conversation topic to start. Books! This is one of my favorites.

Outside the bar or club: if you don’t want to go to the club, there are tons of girls outside who are still trying to have fun. I have brought many girls from this area home. Try to approach before calling the Uber and talking to the girls who have left the club, not with those in the queue waiting to enter.

Volunteer events: these organizations are completely dominated by women (at least 70%). If you find a good one, you won’t even need a game or a good appearance because it will be in great demand. Most of the shy and ugly guys with hot girlfriends I know help them go through organizations like these.

Parks: especially on a sunny day, this is a great place to meet women. Where I live in San Francisco there is a park that everyone goes by called Dolores and it is a great place for a day’s game. Bonus points if you have a dog.

Improvisation classes: this or any other kind of fun drama class is dominated by women and will help you develop your personality and improvisation skills.

Mixed sports: it usually has the worst proportion, of all the ones I’ve listed, depending on the sport. But almost every season I end up sleeping with one of my teammates. Choose a sport that is good or join a league like a kickball, which is specifically designed for single people to get to know each other.

Salsa/dance classes: another totally dominated by women. A girl I met complained that she had hooked up with a boy after he had slept with two other girls in the same kind of salsa. I was angry because “the boys can choose whatever they want there.” After hearing this, I enrolled in classes the next day.

I hope this helps you guys. If you have other ideas, discuss them here. Specifically, I did not include yoga or training classes because, although they are dominated by women, they are horrible to have girls due to the lack of social environment, that is: you will end up looking disgusting.

What is the best place to meet girls? They ask us that question all the time in The Art of Charm. And while it is true that there is no better place to meet girls, there are some places that are better than others. For men who like to go out and make the most of their night, here is a list of the five places where we would love to meet women.

Bars / Clubs

Obvious, of course, but for one reason: this is really one of the best places to meet girls. There are tons of girls here and many of them are looking for men to meet. That’s great. It is also a great place to meet women who have shared interests with you, especially if you like to go to bars and clubs for your own good. Where else is there?

Leave your routine places and exit your proximity comfort zone.
If you still haven’t been able to meet girls at your favorite local coffee shop, you probably won’t. The chances of meeting potential partners decrease significantly if you stay within a six-mile radius around you. So get out of the city! Try the new cafeteria that is out of your way. Take one more step and leave a comment of the place, and see if any pretty woman who goes to the cafeteria responds to your post. Or take a day trip to the city an hour away. It becomes common sense; The more places you go and the more time it will vary, the more your chances of meeting someone will increase.

  1. Go where the people are.
    This is not a misleading statement. It’s so likely that you meet girls in a church like in a club. Why? Because there are tons of people in these places. Of course, the classic example that people use is to meet your potential partner in a cafeteria. But let’s face it, how many people are really in a cafeteria at once? I would say the practical range is between 7-15. And of that small portion, who is there at the same time as you, who is also attractive, single and interested in you? It is not to get depressed, but we are arguing that your chances of meeting girls increase substantially when you are in a place where many others are also. Think of concerts, festivals, farmers markets, clubs, a mall or even a museum. More people means a better chance of meeting a single woman that is right for you.

Coffee shops

Art of Charm likes to call coffee shops “the bar of the thinking man.” There are tons of women here and, although they aren’t necessarily there to meet guys, they definitely won’t mind if a lovely man like you approaches them. You can talk to women while queuing for coffee, the girl at the table next to you, or the woman on the other side of the room. The same basic social skills you would use in a bar apply here.

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