November 29, 2019

6 New Free Personals Sites Like Craigslist 2019

Of all the alternatives marked at the time of writing this article, here are six (6) alternatives to Craigslist personnel that stand out:

6 New Free Personals Sites Like Craigslist 2019

I was an avid and constant participant of the Close Encounter section on Craigslist. I had more than 90 girls and couples in a period of 2 1/2 years. I was a beast Hahaha I have enough crazy stories to write a book.

But where do fans like me go now that Reddit and Craigslist close personal ads? I tried Tinder, but nobody is there. It’s more a game of teasing. And many girls use it to get appointments … not for connections, which is as advertised.
Blender is the same, although I approached a couple of times. A lot of fish I met a girl but she was not so attractive. But that was after multiple phone calls and emails … smh. And I can’t post nude photos in any of those apps, which led me to action in CL because I’m quite hung up. 😎 So where do all the monsters go? There has to be another way out. I am not registering on any stupid website like OK Cupid or AdultFriendFinder. Smh
So where do we go from here?

Free Personals Sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist is biased towards m4w or m4m. When there is a rare publication of w4m, most are immediately marked for removal by unknown forces.

Either because it was a kind of moral defense against “impure actions”, or to avoid competition (both from spammers and other posters), or because it really was spam. When to know


Locanto leans heavily towards m4w. In about 3600 places of casual meetings, just under 2500 of them are m4w, 800 m4m and the rest is distributed between w4m and couples for several.

Since it is more difficult to mark posts in Locanto, you can see the breakdown of the publications (at least for w4m): spam, advertisements disguised as prostitution, drugs or both. In that order.


Separate job appointments for adults. The dating section is so slow that it still has last year’s posts on the first page. The content, at least for w4m, looks like 100% spam for other pairing sites.


Sausage Festival But that could be a good thing depending on what you are looking for!


I can’t comment because it requires FaceBook.

Despite what I could say about discreet, I received a random advertising email from one of my colleagues once.


Spam uses images extracted from the Internet, a randomly generated email or both.

Tineye / Google is good at identifying images and random emails are just a dead gift.
Founded in: March 2018 Price: Free Google monthly searches: 65K Monthly site visits: 7.6 million Visit is a general listing website that exists since 2001. Originally created to list classified ads for regular items like jobs, cars and real estate, it now houses a personal ads section to replace the Craigslist Personals. You can find or post free classified ads for women looking for men, men looking for men and everything else that CL Personals offers. With a wide range of personal categories that include casual dating, men seeking men, men seeking women, lost connections, women seeking men and women seeking women, you will find a community that adapts to whether you are heterosexual or homosexual. Personals is intuitive to use, allows the simple publication of classified ads and is less strict in its policies, which makes it quite fun to use. has excellent comments with incredible ratings on Most personal experiences on the website have a 5-star rating. Many have found the love of their life and have enjoyed the best casual encounters on the platform. It is one of the best free personal classifieds as Craigslist in every way.


3,520 (Alexa rating), 38,552 (Alexa overall rating) The initial idea behind was simply to provide a temporary solution that allowed people to have fun and connect within a safe area such that the void created by most the other sites in this regard would be full. By doing so, managed to get much more sponsorship than initially planned in its early days. To put the icing on the cake, FOSTA appeared and knocked down one of the largest meetings of sexual connection, leading to the explosion of the double list. While complaints arise from time to time regarding the presence of bots Within the community, has implemented many techniques to combat fake users both proactively and retroactively. While serves as an efficient substitute, for now, disappeared craigslist personnel, there is still much to be desired compared to its predecessor. At the time of writing this, the records are restricted; Hence the inability of potential members to subscribe to fry and have some fun. For the most part, these restrictions are geographically based.


6,667 (Alexa rating), 59,457 (Alexa overall rating), on the other hand, looks like an exact duplicate of Craigslist, except that it still allows personal ads. The interface used is nice and modern, maybe a lesson from Craigslist that looked the 80s that, despite being simple to use, sometimes seemed too old. The registration process here is cumbersome, validating all the details to ensure that the registration process does not pass false users, even to begin with. has taken strict measures to avoid the increasingly frequent plague of personal sites, fake users. While this is a method worthy of emulation by other sites, some locations on Bedpage seem to be empty. For those who have many users, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of a site that matters to you. Perhaps over time, all locations will be full of requests and with 100% real users.


3,130 (Alexa ranking), 13,963 (Alexa overall ranking) is another site that has a striking resemblance to craigslist. It has the same format for services, purchases and much more. Adultsearch also provides a way for people looking for sex to be seen in the background. If we are going to eliminate the increasingly disturbing reports of scammers on this site, then Adultsearch is a great alternative for Craigslist quotes. You may only need to step on the waters a little more carefully.

Ashley Madison

If you are concerned about discretion when using dating websites, you can visit AshleyMadison. Whatever your reasons for wanting more discretion, they claim they can keep your information safe.

First, they recommend that you use a separate email address to create your account to ensure complete privacy.

This means that at no time during your interaction with the website are you asked to connect your Facebook, Instagram or any other public social media profile to gain access to the website’s functions.


This is another website focused mainly on the creation of networks of gay boys. has an international community with around 500,000 members. By completing your profile, you get personalized matches according to your established preferences. The community is very active and there are around 1,000 new photos every week.

One of the most interesting and unique features of this website is the built-in blog post option and the lines of the sexting tips that users can choose to share. Even if this is something that you may not be interested in doing, you can benefit from reading other people’s blogs and tips.

Finally, the search is for rich and successful people who are hooked on beneficial relationships. Things are really simple in Seeking: girls who want financially stable boys, boys who want girls who don’t play with them.

We understand that no one will be involved in this type of agreement, but if it is, there is no reason not to use Seeking, since it is a well established and legitimate website that caters to people with specific dating needs.

As you can see, the web is far from being deprived of options now that Craigslist Personals is gone. There are dating sites to help you find a relationship specifically designed for you. When it comes to dating, everything revolves around people and if you research and experiment enough, you will surely find something that suits you.